Thursday, September 20, 2012

Showing the light of truth- 4

Rinku Khumukcham
The adoption of Hinduism by the Meitei people may have been due to political necessities of the time. The political scenario of that time - that is during  the reigns of Meidingu Charairongba (1697-1709), Meidingu Pamheiba (1709-1748) and Meidingu Chingthangkhomba or Bhagyachandra (1749-1798) was described by historians as – at the most critical junctures. And it was also during the reign of these three successors that the social live of Meitei people was transformed to a momentous changed

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Showing the light of truth - 3

Rinku Khumukcham
The arrival of Hinduism to the Manipuri Society during the 17th Century is the root of all this confused state of my mind. Various Manipuri scholars, historians and social activists had interpreted the entry of the Hinduism in their own views and perspectives. Some said it was the beginning of a new Manipuri civilization but some said it was an invasion. As found at some of the writings of social scientists - the arrival of Hinduism during the reign of Miedingu Pamheiba (1709–1748) had brought tremendous change in the religious practices of Manipur.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Showing the light of truth – (ii)

By: Rinku Khumukcham
My good night wished to that strange friend didn’t actually mean that I was feeling sleepy. It was a slip of tongue to put a full stop on the conversation that we have been undergoing.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Showing the light of truth -(1)

By  :Rinku Khumukcham
Way back in late 2006, I happened to share a room with a Christian convert Assamese in a Guwahati lodge. He was a stranger to me and me to him but I don’t know what made both of us trusted to one another to share in a same hotel room which charged rupees 300 per night. Of course both of us managed to save rupees 150 each by staying in the same room with two beds. The lodge did have single bedded room but it charged rupees 250 for staying one night. As we both had limited budget so we finally decided to stay in the double bedded room. After all it was for a night stay only. The following day was setting off for my destination at Shillong to give my final third year degree examination.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


By: Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal, September 12, 2012

State intelligence unit seem to have been turning as a name sake department as rebels’ hands seem to have no bound in reaching at any place they wanted to strike. After three blasts at different places of the state causing severe casualty to security forces as well as a civilian, a bomb was today found placed inside the complex of secretariat South Block. 

at 4.20 pm Old Secretariat gate

Monday, September 10, 2012

An Evening with Manipuri Rock band POSTMARK

by; Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal Sept 10, 2012

A small gathering at a Sayang Pukhri resident in Imphal on Monday evening brought back those memories of late 80s when the youth of the state were greatly influence by heavy metal rock music. POST MARK, one among the pioneer Manipuri Heavy metal band which was also known as “Death Guitars” was the talk of the town until the tragic demise of its vocalist Abungcha Kshetrimayum during late 80s.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deafness Control Programme under NRHM turns as Flop show in Manipur

By: Rinku Khumukcam 
Imphal, August 21, 2012:

 Grant-in-aids under National Rural Health Mission for implementation of National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness turns as flop show in Manipur as State health Mission fails to produce utilization certificate. Around rupees 50 lakhs sanctioned under the National Rural Health Mission for implementation of the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Deafness is feared to be cancelled following the failure of the state Health Mission Society to produce utilization certificate.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Forged Letter Misleads State Cabinet; No One Punished

By Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal, July 19, 2012:
Job security of at least 80 contractual staffs of the DRDA, including three full time government employees of the state government, who had been deputed to serve as engineer in the state DRDA, are at stake following gross violation of national guidelines by the state government top machinery.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Converting 'lies' to 'truth' – Yeah Its Possible in Democracy

By: Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal, 29 June, 2012
Passing of motion of thanks to the governor’s address delivered on the first sitting of 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly session by the members of the house on June 28, 2012, without much debate between the treasury and opposition benches shows clear message about the credibility of the Okram Ibobi Singh’s administrations.  The award conferred on to his government by India Today group as the best ‘improved state’ no more creates doubt to the credibility of the largest media organization of the nation.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My worries in filing stories about Assembly Session

Rinku Khumukcham,
Imphal 27 June, 2012

The greatest challenge in my entire career as journalist has been reporting the assembly proceeding particularly during sessions of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. It is not because I am not aware on how to report or edit news, but because senior colleagues in the field had warned me about the unwanted consequences that may occurred during the course of filing stories about the proceedings.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Change of Guard in the state police top post

 Yumnam Joykumar returns as Director General of Police

By: Rinku Khukcham
Imphal June 22, 2012: Former Director General of Police Yumnam Joykumar has been once more appointed as the Director General of Manipur Police replacing Ratnakar Baral. Baral who replaced Joykumar has now been assigned as Officer on Special Duty.

In an order issue by the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (Personnel Division) MK Das, IPS, (MT:77) who hold the post of OSD Home has now been given as ADGP (Home Guard/Prison) in his present grade pay. Ratnakar Baral who had been assigned as OSD (Home) will also enjoy the present grade pay. The order further said that ADGP (Home Guard) & ADGP (AP/Trg) will hold the post of ADGP (AP/Trg) only and L.K Haoip IPS (MTMD : 92) IGP (AP/Trg/Prov) has been transferred as IGP (AP/Trg/Prov) & MD/MPHC in addition.
Mentioned may be made that  Joykumar (MT:76, IPS) was replaced by Ratnakar Baral on January 5 this year as according to the directives of the Election commission of India. However, the matter of appointing Baral as the DGP, a 1982 IPS cadre has been questioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs as the state government has reportedly violated the procedures for appointment of DGP. An intimation of the Ministry of Home Affairs has directed the state government to review the appointment as 5 more IPS cadre senior to him were denied the right. Following the directives of the Ministry of Home Affairs, a review screening committee meeting chaired by Chief Secretary DS Poonia had roll back the decision for DGP pay scale. The review of the DGP pay scale granted to Ratnakar was challenged to the Central Administrative Tribunal Guwahati and the Tribunal stayed the government order.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Imphal - ‘City Of Garbage’

A scene of Kwairamband Keithel 
Despite repeated assurances and promises by the State government, hygiene and sanitation of Imphal city has failed to improve once again. Commuters in Khwairamband keithel area fear the outbreak of highly communicable diseases from the mess piled up at the roadsides. Besides, odour from the sanitary sewage overflow of the Sulabh public toilet has ruined the beauty of foot paths in Kwairamband Keithel area as people are disturbed by the unbearable smells. ISTV News Anchor Dhanya writes about the present condition of Imphal city.

      Imphal city is famed for a lot of things, bustling marketplaces, broad main roads and shady tree-lined avenues being some of them. However the city is fast earning a notorious reputation as a city of garbage. An all-too familiar sight in marketplaces and roadsides, garbage is becoming a menace which seems to be getting out of control. One sees rotten and discarded vegetable matter, animal refuse and plastic wastes piled up outside nearly every busy spot in the capital city. One can never be too careful while walking on the footpaths, and pedestrians walking gingerly on the footpaths is a common sight in market places.

Garbage piled up in Kwairamband Keithel
The famed Khwairambandh Keithel or Ima Markets seem to be most affected by garbage accumulation. Though shopping here is a profitable and pleasurable exercise, customers are often put out by the tons of refuse piled up outside the premises and the stench emanating from public toilets. Garbage is not only an eyesore; it is also a storehouse of deadly communicable diseases which could be spread at unbelievable speeds by the millions of flies and other vectors hovering around. 

Though many a cleanup campaign has been initiated with great fanfare by the state govt, the scene hardly, if ever, changes. The Zero Garbage campaign implemented by the IMC last year was one such, which loftily aimed to make Imphal a sparkling clean city. Though it started off with great zeal, it is clearly seen that it has not achieved its aims. NGOs and other orgs too make attempts at cleaning. However a lot remains to be done. The burning question is-who will do it and when?
Blaming the authorities alone is not a great idea, as this problem calls for an equal, if not greater measure of public cooperation with the authorities. It is observed that the vendors at the marketplaces are least bothered by the problem of piled-up garbage and contribute to it substantially. Houses too do not always cooperate in the segregation of degradable wastes from the non-degradable. This mindset needs to change and all concerned need to work hand in hand towards a clean and safe Imphal city. Awareness has to be spread and campaigns involving both the authorities and the public in equal measure worked out. Such measures are the need, not of tomorrow or the day after or the unseen future, but of TODAY, of NOW!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Central Administrative Tribunal stays state government order to reduce DGP Ratnakar Baral’s pay

By- Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal June 8, 2012: 
Credibility of the state government top functionaries has landed in frying pan as a decision made by them regarding the appointment of 6 IPS officers to the rank and scale of DGP have to be reviewed for three times according to the interference of the higher authorities.
 After the state government was compelled to review its decision over the appointment of the six IPS officers to the rank and scale of DGP as according to the directives of the Union Ministry for Home affairs, the Central Administrative Tribunal, Guwahati bench has order to stay the decision of the state government review screening committee meeting for degrading of DGP Ratnakar Baral.
In an order of the Central Administrative Tribunal, Guwahati Bench, the cancellation of the DGP pay from Ratnakar Baral was stayed until the state government proof legal validity of the decision made by them.
Ratnakar was appointed as the DGP of the Manipur after replacing the then DGP Y. Joykumar on Jan. 5 this year after the Election Commission of India has directed the state government to comply with their order. The procedure followed by the state government in selecting Baral to the top cop post was however turn out to be the violation of the Supreme Court ruling over the appointment of DGP. According to the ruling the DGP was to be selected from among the three senior most top IPS officers of the state.
The Union Ministry for Home Affairs intervene the matter and directed the state government to review the decision. The review committee meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary DS Poonia later cancelled the order for promotion of the 6 IPS cadre from the rank and scales of the DGP. This again was stayed by the Central Administrative Tribunal Guwahati Bench on the ground that the state government authority had failed to understand the directives of the union home ministry.
 The series of breach of protocol by state government authorities over the appointment of DGP and ex-cadre post has been following by the ISTV news from the beginning. The question right now is that when the Home Minister of the state G Gaikhangam has promised to streamline the police force into a discipline force, the appointment of the top post in the police force still remain a mess due to lack of seriousness among the top bureaucrats. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

State Govt. Reviews appointment of 6 IPS officers to the rank and scale of DGP

New DGP likely on Monday

By : Rinku Khumukcham

Imphal June 2, 2012: Following the directives of the Union Home Ministry, the state government has taken a U-turn decision to the appointment of the 6 IPS officers to the rank and scale of Director General of Police. Records available with the ISTV says that the decision for appointment of the 6 IPS officers to the rank and scale of Director General of Police has been roll back by a decision of the review screening committee meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary DS Poonia. The decision is once more in the limelight as it is an insult to the career of the IPS officers. 
According to source, the meeting of the review screening committee, discussed in dept about the directives of the Union Home Ministry regarding the creation of the ex-cadre post of DGP. 
ISTV News had brought to the limelight about the intervention of the Ministry of Home Affairs to the appointment of six IPS officers to the rank and scale of DGP. We have also reported some of the content of the directives of the Ministry of Home Affairs which says - The appointment of the 6 IPS officers to the rank and scale DGP is the violation of the Rule 11(7) of the IPS Pay Rules, 2007 as the Performa promotion at DGP level is allowed in the ratio 1:1.
Union Home Ministry directives for immediate remedial action to the state government over the appointment of 6 IPS cadres to the rank and Scale of Director General of Police have compelled the state government to roll back their decision. The six IPS officers have been granted the grade and scale of DGP since January 5,  Which means they have enjoyed tha grade and scale for five months. The decision of the review screening committee meeting chaired by the chief secretary DS Poonia held on May 25 this year had failed to disclose on whether the pay enjoyed by the 6 IPS officers would be recovered from them or not. In this case a top bureaucrat officer of the state government who didn’t want to disclose his identity while commenting to ISTV said that – if the pay has been recovered from them then it is an insult to the IPS officers. The resolution of the meeting also did not mentioned about finding out the “wrongs” or perhaps "intentional manipulation" in making the important government decision.  
ISTV team is still continuing to find out whether an enquiry commission has been set up regarding the matter or not. Each IPS officers appointed to the grade and scale of DGP namely - MK Das, IPS 1977 batch, JC Dabas, IPS 1977 batch, Rajinder Kumar, IPS 1979 batch, Sahid Ahmad, IPS 1979 batch , Shri Khinya Ram, IPS 1981 batch and Shri Ratnakar Barral, IPS 1982 batch has been intimated to response if necessary before the state government take a final decision on the Review Screening Committee Meeting’s recommendations.
Following this, ISTV has also found out that the government will soon appoint a new DGP from among the three senior most Manipur Tripura batch IPS cadres either today or on Monday. Probable candidates for the top cop post are – former DGP Yumnam Joykumar, a 1976 IPS cadre,  MK Das, a 1977 batch IPS cadres and Rajinder Kumar, a 1979 batch IPS cadre. Rajinder Kumar is not in the state as he has been on central deputation. So, it is for certain that the government will now select either Yumnam Joykumar or MK Das to the top post.
ISTV however could not pin point the person who will hold the top post as the decision remains to the wisdom of the state government.
ISTV team has been following the development to the controversy surrounded over the appointment of the top cop post in the state and also the creation of ex cadre post. We had brought to the limelight about the appointment of 6 IPS cadre to the rank and scale of DGP as breach of protocol. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Manipulation suspects to the appointment of State Top Cop

Union Home Ministry directs State Govt. to take up immediate remedial action
By Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal June 1, 2012: At the outset of the state home minister G Gaikhangam’s strong statement to streamline the state police force into a discipline force, a serious manipulation to the appointment of State Top Cop has been traced.
An official source says – appointment of Manipur-Tripura IPS cadre of 1982 batch Shri Ratnakar Baral as the successor of the then DGP Shri Y. Joykumar has seriously violated the Supreme Court verdict, which directs the state government to select the post of State Director General of Police from amongst the three senior most officers of the department who have been empanelled for promotion to that rank by the UPSC.
DGP Shri Y Joykumar was replaced by Shri Ratnakar Baral on January 5 this year as according to the directives of the Chief  Election Commissioner Shri SY Quraishi.
            One serious problem arises in the State police Department is the promotion of 6 more IPS Officers to the grade and scale of the Director General of Police. The appointment is the violation of the Rule 11(7) of the IPS Pay Rules, 2007. It says “Performa promotion at DGP level is allowed in the ratio 1:1.”
After Shri Ratnakar Barral, IPS  M:T cadre of 1982 batch had been appointed as the DGP of Manipur on Jan 5 this year, the State Government has given him pay scale of DGP.  4 other Manipur Tripura Cadre IPS Officers who are senior to him namely Shri JC Dabas, Shri Rajinder Kumar, Shri Sahid Ahmad and Shri Khinya Ram  has been promoted to the same Pay Scale by an order of the State Govt. dated 27th Jan 2012. And one more IPS Officer senior to Shri Barral, namely Shri MK Das also promoted to the same pay scale of DGP by a Govt. order dated 27th February 2012.
            The apex pay scale for Director General of Police is Rs 80,000 (Fixed). The State Government has given altogether 7 IPS Officers the same pay scale of the Director General of Police. They are: 
1.      Shri Y. Joykumar Singh, IPS 1976 batch,
2.      Shri MK Das, IPS 1977 batch,
3.      Shri JC Dabas, IPS 1977 batch,
4.      Shri Rajinder Kumar, IPS 1979 batch,
5.      Shri  Sahid Ahmad, IPS 1979 batch ,
6.      Shri Khinya Ram, IPS 1981 batch and
7.      Shri Ratnakar Barral, IPS 1982 batch.
Among them Shri JC Dabas recently retired and the three IPS officers Shri Rajinder Kumar, Sahid Ahmad and Khinya Ram are on Central deputation.
In a confidential letter sent to the State Government by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, which is with us, it has been mention that promotion of the 6 IPS officers to the grade and scale of DGP is the complete violation of the Rule 11(7) of the IPS Pay Rule 2007.
On further investigation into this matter to find out what went wrong, it has been found out that the State Govt. has violated the Supreme Court’s judgment for selection of the Top Cop post. According to the ruling, the DGP of the State shall be selected by the State Government from amongst the three senior most officers of the Department who have been empanelled for promotion to that rank by the UPSC on the basis of their length of service, very good record and range of experience for heading the force.
When ECI directs the State Govt. for replacement of DGP Shri Y. Joykumar Singh during election time, the State Govt. authority had brought up the name of 5 provable IPS Officers including Shri R. Baral for the said post. It has also been found out that the name of Shri MK Das who is 2nd senior most IPS of the State has been excluded. Later, when Shri Baral was appointed for the top Cop Post, the other five IPS Cadre who are senior to him ultimately deserves the pay scale enjoyed by him.
It can also be noted that as according to the provision of the IPS Pay fourth amendment Rules, 2011 it is stated that, “ Provided that for the purpose of calculating the number of posts other than cadre posts in the DG grade in HAG+scale (RSs 75500- annual increment @ 3%-80,000) all cadre posts in this rank including DGP- Head of Police shall be taken in account.
Provided further that no ex- cadre post of DGP (Head of Police Force) in apex scale of Rs. 80,000/- shall be created.”
The appointment of Shri Ratnakar Baral and 5 other IPS officers to the grade and scale of Director General of Police in the IPS Apex Scale receives strong intervention from the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. In intimation to the state, the Union Home Ministry directed to take up immediate remedial action and apprise this Ministry of the same.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Of Boney from Big Bro

By: Rinku Khumukcham

My passion for writing has once more pushed me to take up this odd job of following the back of Manipuri celebrity. To be frank, I am a great fan of Manipuri movies stars as well as the singers. The same energetic blood that runs through the body of my 13 years old daughter still exists in me. Sometime, I still wanna spent night at Beigyachandra Open Air Theater joining the rough audience watching G Boney, Kaiku, Kamala or Bala acting in the digital screen or Sadananda or Sarita Gazmeer performing live on the flat stage. Sometime I even joined the young teenage hot blood dancing at the corner of the open air theater to the tunes of these high voltage Manipuri performers. Sometimes I don’t mind tolerating my wife scolding at me like a kid for doing so after she saw me on local cable TV in live broadcasting. The childhood instinct in me has perhaps turn me down many a time from becoming popular among my colleagues in the same profession that I have been engaged for making a living. And I certainly don’t mind that as long as these diehard fans of Manipur keep on fueling me the energy that I would had lost in this age.

These days Gurumayum Boney has been the talk of the town and I don’t mind joining the youth in sharing about what I feel for this talented performer. His latest film Yaiskul Pakhang Angaoba had hit box office in Manipur and I am sure, the two other upcoming films “Western Sahnkritan” and “Kaiku Vs Heramoti” at which this new kid on the blog had taken major role is going to create another history in the Manipuri feature film. Before, I commented on the two upcoming films let me brief here on how this young talent happened to be my choice for picking up in my first write up on Manipuri Cine stars.

As an employee of a local TV channel which broadcast current affair programme through wire, I am perhaps one of the many persons who are privileged of getting chances to witness any new upcoming Manipuri feature film. Gurumayum Boney Sharma happened to be from the locality that I have been presently staying, (i.e. Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, Imphal) and both his elder brothers G Kalyan Sharma and G Gagan Sharma are both my friends. G. Gagan happened to be our staff and I happened to share most of our time together after office work. At almost all the gatherings (ofcourse with some pack of country made liquor), talking about the performances of Boney would keep us occupied till we say good bye to one another. Boney’s brother Gagan is a typical person. He is straight, his tone would rise whenever he sense wrong doers who tried to sabotage this noble profession of ours. I remember my former boss, Kangujam Modhumangal Singh, who had once said to me that - If Gagan like a person he would lift him upto heaven, if he don’t like then he will pull him down till hell. My former boss was very right, I had seen my friend praising someone to the highest level and sometime throwing down someone deep in hell for little differences of opinion over a simple topic. Being experience in the field of journalism for over 15 years this brother of the young talent Boney Sharma knows bit of every topic. Since, Boney’s name started becoming the talk of the town some two/three years back, he would feel pride talking about his brother. During the last one or two years of our friendship I keep on hearing Gagan telling us about Boney’s new venture. He would tell us about what film Boney had signed to act and what film he had declined to sign.

I definitely know that I should at least spend some time interviewing him if I were to write something about him. But then on second thought, I realized that studying Boney from the angle of what his elder brother Gagan had tell us about him would be an excellent idea as he himself had seen him growing up in this profession. After all he is a journalist with an experience of over 15 years.

I am told that Boney began his career as a theater worker under the guidance of renowned theater director cum playwright Rajen Singh. His hard work, dedication and his passion for the performing art had made him enable to come up as a successful artist during his journey from Sumang Leela to digital screen. During his time as Sumang leela (courtyard play) actor, he had mesmerized the local audiences by making them drugged into his excellent heard throbbing performances. Now his unique performances in digital film had once more made way to conquer the heart of Manipuri film lovers. His dialogues are now the favorite of the young tiny tots. My friend Helendro Maibam’s 3 years old daughter, who had just learn to speak language even tried to imitate the dialogue he had delivered in “Yaiskul Pakhang Angaoba”. I had seen many kids performing the same acting that Boney had done in this film during the Yaosang festival. I had also seen my friend Phillip’s daughter and her friend performing to a song that Boney and Bala had done in Yaiskul Pakhang Angaoba. I had also seen couples of youths and mid aged men imitating a dialogue – “DASHAANIHE” which became popular after the film.

The movie perhaps had proved the artistic caliber of Boney Sharma. But now I again happened to see another two avatars of this great artist. I have come across a song album of one of his upcoming film “Kaiku Vs. Heramoti” produced under the banner of PS film production. The song part was just wonderful that I wanted to listen it time and again. But then when I learnt the storyline of this movie it certainly thrilled me. The producer of the film also happened to be a close colleague of mine and I enjoy full opportunity to learn about it. The story was about a transgender boy Heramoti and (his) love affair with Kaiku the lead actor. Boney acted in the film as big brother of Heramoti. Heramoti’s sissy character and his love for becoming a girl had left no option for big bro’ Boney but to transform (him) to the gender of his choice. The film perhaps is going to be one of its only kind in the history of Manipuri film. Contradictory part on whether the love affairs of Kaiku and Heramoti will be accepted by this conservative society of ours’ is kept in suspense as the film is yet to be released.

Another film called “Western Shankritan” which is also yet to be released soon also bears certain exclusive character. Imagine if the western rock singers replaced the old shankritana which had been associated with our traditions and cultures during Marriage or sharadha ceremony. Already the state had witness various changes to the Manipuri Shankritana and also people replacing bhazan singers instead of the Sankritana singers in Marriage as well as Shardha ceremony. Well in these film too, Gurumayum Boney Sharma had done magnificent work by acting as the rock vocalist. He also sings some of the song of this film. Here Gokul, another talent of the Manipuri film is acting as the protagonist.

Versatility of Boney Sharma in all the three films is perhaps a quality that this young artist had enable to arrest the mind and heart of thousand of his fans from across the state. In all these three film boney bear’s different character at which people continue talk about him. So friends let’s not miss these films but not to see Boney’s another excellent skill but to ponder upon what the production team wanted to convey to the people of this society.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simmering Tensions Among Mpcc Leaders Come To Notice As AICC Takes More Time In Announcing CLP Leader

CLP leader likely to be announced on Monday; source points figure to Okram Ibobi Singh

Imphal March 11, 2012;

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh who went to Delhi on March 10 return back today without bringing any concrete decision of the AICC while two of the leaders of the MPCC still remained in the capital city. MP Dr. Meinya also returned back today. The visit of the MPCC leaders could not be officially confirmed but source available with the ISTV news said all the leaders met AICC leaderships separately to apprise them while making the decision. The source further said that Okram Ibobi Singh had met AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and showed the lists of congress legislatures who had supported him along with their signatures. Okram Ibobi Singh also reportedly presented a list of legislatures who will be Ministers in his government.

With the development in these two days crisis seem to be loomed large among the AICC leadership in electing the top post.

Consensus of the newly elected Manipur state congress legislatures to hand over the job of electing its CLP leader has now failed to calm the simmering tensions among the runners for the post. The clear picture now slowly draws the attention of the political analysts as the curtain rises spontaneously with the delay of the AICC in announcing the name of the legislature in the post. Quoting reliable sources ISTV News had earlier informed that the AICC leaderships including its president Sonia Gandhi had name Okram Ibobi Singh as the CLP leader. But the return of Okram Ibobi Singh from Delhi today morning “bare hand” and continuance of political lobby by some of the legislatures at New Delhi has painted a sense of instability to the mind of AICC leaderships in choosing the next CLP leader.

Moreover, the staying of two of the congress legislatures – Gaikhangam and Erabot, in New Delhi even after the returned of Chief Minister Ibobi Singh at this crucial juncture make sense in guessing a simmering war for the top post.

CLP meeting of the MPCC on 8th of March had unanimously resolved to hand over the job of electing its leader instead of electing Okram Ibobi Singh, which had led them for two consecutive terms. The resolution taken in the presence of AICC north east in charge Luizinho Faleiro was sent to the AICC leadership on the same day. As AICC failed to make the announcement on the earliest possible time, probably opening doors to congress legislatures who want a changed in the CLP leader aspirant congress legislatures who desired to join the race for CLP leader rushed to New Delhi on the following two days.

However, another source close to the ISTV said the AICC will announce the CLP leader on Monday that is on March 12. Swearing of oath might take place on March 15. The source further point figure to Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh to be the CLP leader for the third consecutive term.

Friday, March 9, 2012

NT Theatre bags 2 awards in Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award

Imphal, March 9, 2012; NT Theatre of Manipur once more created history in modern contemporary theatre of India by bagging two awards in the 7th Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award held at New Delhi for two consecutive day. The theatre group was nominated for the award in 13 categories for its latest production “A Far Cry” directed by Deepak Ningthouja.

The playwright of the script Budha Chingtham, female leading role Nepram Dhanamanjuri, supporting male actor Ningthouja Jayvidya , costume designer T Memma and K Piyobrata, stage designer Takhellambam, Sachikumar, innovative sound designer N Tiken and the director of the play Deepak Ningthouja were nominated for the Mahindra Excellent in Theatre Award. Among them Takhellambam Sachikumar and N Tiken were awarded the Best stage Designer and best innovative Sound designer in the 7th edition of the Mahindra excellent in theater award.

The play was selected along with nine other plays from among the 260 plays screened for the festival by 5 eminent jury member of the country which included noted critic Samik Bandyopadhyay, Chairperson of the National school of Drama Amal Allana and Senior Associate editor of the Hindu, Mukund Padmanabhan. META theatre festival is one of the most prestigious theatre festivals in the country and is being organized every year in the capital city of India New Delhi. In this festival only three Manipuri plays – “Meerel Masinggha” of the Kanglei mime reparatory theater, “Mythical Surrender” of NT theatre and “A Far Cry” of the same group had so far enter the festival. Last year too in the 6th edition of META – NT Theatre’s “Mythical Surrender” was nominated for the award in 9 categories and bagged award in three categories – the best Chorography, the best innovative Sound and the best original script. With two more awards in best innovative Sound and best stage set, the theater group had proved its excellence in the field of modern Manipuri Contemporary theatre. Director Deepak Ningthouja speaking on the occasion said he took almost three month of serious rehearsal to perform for this META theatre festival.

The play was performed at Kamani Auditorium in Delhi on 6th of March this year and the award was distributed on the next day at Taj Hotel with a heart throbbing function. Noted Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi hosted the award distribution function at Taj. Speaking on the occasion Kabir Bedhi highlighted the rising trend of modern Indian theatre and its impact to the societal reformation. He also said that the plays in the festival were selected from 260 entries from across the country.

The colorful evening at Taj hotel was also attended by various renowned theatre and film personalities from across the state. The elegant and heart throbbing performances of many renowned artists from across the country also added flavor the celebration of the META theater festival on that evening.

Congress high command ready to announce CLP leader of Manipur

Swearing of oath likely on 12th or 14th of March

Imphal, March 9:The AICC high command is all set to announce the CLP leader of Manipur on Saturday. A highly placed sourced informed to ISTV that the President of the AICC Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has decided to appoint Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh as the CLP leader. The source further said that Swearing of oath will be held on either 12 March or 14th of March.

Mention may be made that the congress party had set a record in the political history of Manipur by winning in 42 seats out of 60 assembly constituencies under the leadership of Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh and MPCC President G Gaikhangam. Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh emerged as a low profile CLP leader of the congress party in Manipur in the year 2002 when most of the Congress heavy weight congress leaders failed to come up in the 8th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election. With 20 congress MLAs and support from the CPI, Okram Ibobi Singh led the then SPF government and completed the first term. Later in the next term too that is in 9 Manipur Legislative Assembly Election the Congress party managed to increase its seat to 31 but Ibobi continues the SPF government for the second consecutive term with partnership with the CPI.

The source said that the performances of the congress party in the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly by winning in 42 seats had impressed the AICC president Sonia Gandhi and also other leaders of the AICC high command. And hence the party had no other choice but to elect Okram Ibobi Singh as the CLP leader. On the question of the probable crisis that may arise in the distribution of Ministerial berth the MPCC had already resolved to follow the wisdom of the CLP leader appointed by the AICC.

Meanwhile, Y Erabot today left for New Delhi to apprise the central leadership for change of CLP leadership. A highly placed source said that Y Erabot might Lobby the leaders of the AICC to regain a cabinet post in the incoming government whoever be the leader.

In yet another development Secretary of the CPI Dr. M Nara today said that there is no question of dissolving the Peoples’ Democratic Alliance, the alliance of the non congress political party. In a press conference held today at Irabot Bhavan the CPI leader who is also the convener of the PDA said that PDA will remain as it is. Dr. M Nara defeated in the election from Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituency. Mention may be made that the main partner of the non congress group – the CPI and MPP failed to regain in any of the seat in the 60 assembly constituencies. Nara said that the massive victory of the congress party in the just concluded election is suspicious as there were probabilities of manipulating the Electronic Voting Machines.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fake encounter story resume after a gap of over one year

Imphal 9 February, 2011.

2009 July 23 indeed is a turning point in the history of Manipur. After a Delhi based news journal Tehelka exposed fake encounter story of a local youth in broad daylight, number of fake encounter story, life in the trouble torn state of Manipur somehow relieved from the painful cries of widows and mothers of the land. Earlier before the July 23 incident of 2009 there were not even a single day at which an alleged militant would be killed in encounter by security troop. Most the encounter story and situations were almost similar. In almost all case of encounter, the police version had said that “some armed youth were found loitering in a specified area. Then the youth fired on them and at least one of the militant would get killed in security forces retaliatory action.” However in almost such case family members would claimed the person killed to be innocent and in some of the cases the alleged militant would have been picked up from his owned home, as claimed by the family.

After almost a gap of over a year or so, encounter between combined troop of Assam rifles and Manipur Police commando started reporting in the wake of the series of bomb attacked by armed militants to the candidates of the ended 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election polling.

After the election commission announced the poll notification on January 4 this year the rebel groups operating in the region intensified their stands to ban the congress party. A press release was issued by the Corcom, a committee of the the 7 rebel groups – KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), KCP, UNLF, RPF and UPPK.

After the rebel group started attacking the congress candidate without stopping a single day security force had been alerted in all the state to counter the rebel attacked. After much bomb had been reported blasted and found unexploded, the first encounter was reported on the night of 13 January. In the encounter SFs killed a suspected militant, identified as Thongam Bungbung (37), at Heibongpokpi in Imphal West District. On the following day another two alleged militants were also gunned downed by the security force. Since then state security forces along with the central forces had killed at least 15 alleged militants in different encounter.

The latest being the one killed by combined troop of Assam Rifles and Manipur police commando at Phayeng on 6th of February. The alleged underground cadre killed by combine troop of Imphal West Commando and Assam Rifles at Phayeng on that evening has been identified as Wahengbam Jayenta age 43 from Kumbi Kangjeibung Mapal Bishenpur District. He was residing at Kwakeithel Sayang Kurao Makhong. According to wife of the deceased husband left home at around 7am on Monday morning to look after their newly constructed house at Takyel after dropping his son for tuition. She said her husband was carrying 30 thousand rupees for buying bricks and sand for their newly constructed house at Takyel. She claimed that her husband is innocent and had not linked with any anti social element. Following the killing a sit in protest was staged at Kumbi in Bisnupur district demanding punishment of those SFs involved in the killing of Jayenta.

However, except for the case of 2009, 23 July Khwairamband keithel incident there were no evidences of proving the any encounter story of the police as fake and set up story.

ISTV news had however shows video evidence of how a person was killed by SF. Please take a look. This video just attempt to reinstall the human instinct to the inhuman lesser God.

Monday, February 6, 2012

MPCC President alleges NPF and MSCP candidate of Nungba Assembly constituency to have nexus with rebel groups

Imphal, Feb,6, 2012;

MPCC President G Gaikhangam today alleged NPF candidate G Gaingam and MSCP candidate Adim Panmei to have strong nexus with the Underground outfit operating in hill district. Speaking to a group of media persons, G Gaikhangam who has contested from the Nungba Assembly constituency as INC candidate has accused NPF candidate G Gaingam to have been sponsored by the NSCN-IM and MSCP candidate Adim Panmei to have been supported by armed group Zeliangrong United Front, ZUF.

Earlier MSCP had alleged the MPCC president G Gaikhangam to have manipulated EVM in 59/9 Tupul polling station in the re-poll held on 4th of this month. Clarifying the allegation Gaikhangam said Tupul polling the area.

In a press conference today at his office G Gaikhangam said that on the repoll day, armed miscreants who were supporting his rival candidate had started pelting stone at the polling station to sabotage the polling. Due to the heavy attack the presiding officer and polling personnel had shield the EVM so as to safeguard the polling which had already taken place. According to the polling official already 600 voters had cast vote at the time out of the total 1059 voters. The situation was brought under control after a team of Assam Rifle reinforced in the polling station. As the voter dare the attack of the miscreants and continued to stand in queue to exercise their voting right the presiding officer later collected another EVM and from the nearby police station and continue the voting. Gaikhangam further said that there is no way that the EVM machine could be manipulated as it was a matter of record with the election commission. He also accused the MCSP president Mani for personally visiting the polling station on the repoll day as it was a violation of the election code of conduct.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

AMSU strictures over private school fees likely to relieve parents

Private schools’ body sort out fee payment mode for students

Imphal, Feb.4, 2012:

Parents and guardians of students going to private school finally get relieved as the All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) and the All Manipur Recommended Private School Welfare Association today reached an agreement over the school fee structures.

With the low profile standard of the government run schools, parents and guardians of the state has been depending on the private school since the last many years disregarding of their poor economic condition. However, with the sudden announcement for increase of school admission fees as well as the monthly tuition fees by some of the private schools, parents and guardians had been worried over the fate of their children. Taking the matter seriously the All Manipur Students’ Union AMSU, a major student body of the state has been approaching the private school authorities to think over the matter. As the matter remained unsolved for a couple of month the student body finally held several rounds of meeting with the All Manipur Recommended Private School Welfare Association and the two finally arrived at a situation at which both the school authorities and the parents would bear.

The matter was made known to the media persons in a press conference held today at AMSU head quarter. Both authorities of the Private school bodies and the student bodies were present in today’s press conference. The agreement reached between the private school body and the students’ body was announced by the advisor of the All Manipur Recommended Private School Welfare Association. President of the Association S Memcha Devi was also present in the press conference. Speaking to media person Memcha devi said the private school body had finally agreed to the proposal made by the student body in view of the burden that would be lifted to the parents and guardians of the students.

As according to the agreement admission fee from Pre-Nursery to Kg should not exceed rupees 1000/- and the monthly be not exceed rupees 250/-. As for the class 1 to 5 admission fee should not exceed rupees 1500/- while the monthly fee should not exceed Rs. 300/-. And for the class 6 to 10 admission fees should be not more than Rs. 2000/- and the monthly fee should also be not more than Rs. 350/-. Speaking to media person AMSU general secretary Dipaljit said any private school which failed to comply with the new strictures will be taken stringent action. Parents could compliant if any such thing happened at the mobile phone number 857121936, he added.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ukhrul remain tense even as polling ends

Imphal; February 1, 2012

Tension erupted in Chingai Assembly constituency of Ukhrul dstrict after suspected militants of NSCN-IM kidnapped 18 congress workers ahead of the poll scheduled. According to an active worker of the INC candidate M.K. Preshow, they had prepared to challenge the dictate of the NCN-IM and were even ready gheroa to an undesignated camp of the NSCN –IM cadre located at the proximity of Assam riffles camp. Earlier, the state government as well as the central government had refuted media reports about the existence of any camp being set up by the NSCN-M.

The outfit is currently in peace deal with the government of India for over decades and is reported to have field candidate of their own under the banner of Naga peoples’ Banned. The MIP of the NSCN-IM however refuted the allegation. The 18 congress workers reportedly kidnapped by the NSCN cadre were released late and night, report reaching here said. The problem arose out of the kidnapping of Congress workers was later consoled late on Tuesday night.

At another development a protest rally was held on Tuesday at Ukhrul district condemning the imprisonment of NSCN-IM’s head of foreign Affair Ninkhan Simray. Ninkhan Simray was arrested by RAW agents at Kathmandu on 9th September 2010. Ninkhan Simray is currently lodged in Tihar Jail.
The rally held at Ninkhan Simray’s birth place at his birth place at Ukhrul and was attended by the villagers of Tassar and Tusen Chanhong village. The rally started from Tassar Community hall and later converged at Govt high school. A meeting was held where villagers with protest placards took part. The meeting made a decision for unconditional release of Simray and support to Simray’s fast unto death hunger strike in Tihar jail.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Armed Militant Prepares to Involve in Repoll in Manipur

Imphal 31st January2012:
Even though the just concluded 10th Manipur Legislative assembly was reported peaceful in almost all the assembly constituencies in Valley district, the scenario turned different in Assembly constituencies of Hill district with report of rampant disturbances by armed militants.
Record about the killing of at least six polling official including a woman voter did not end the election related violence in Hill district. Many reports of EVM being snatch away by the suspected cadres of NSCN-IM and even proxy voting by them at many polling stations in hill district were reported. Meanwhile, as election commission of India had agreed to conduct re-poll at many of such polling station, armed militants suspected to be cadres of NSCN-IM were reported to have been campaigning for the candidates. According to a highly placed source re-poll is likely to be conducted at the polling station in Tuinem, Tungou, Sondal and Champhung tora for Chngai Assembyly constituency along with other. And in this area armed militants numbering around 100 of them had been presently stationing in the area campaigning for their candidate.
Even the top leader of the outfit identified as VS Atem is reported to be presently stationing in Tuinem area. The militants reportedly entered after the security forces deployed for the election had moved from their camp. Villagers of the four areas in Chingai district alleged that the suspected NSCN-IM cadre threatened them to sign them in blank paper to insure voting to the candidate of their choice. According to source re-poll is likely to be held in 33 polling station of the state. It can be mentioned that four candidate including INC Candidate MK Preshow, NPF candidate Paul Muinao, Independent candidate Khasum Vasum and another Independent candidate NK Shimray are in the fray. The militants who had arrived after the election allegedly campaign for the NPF candidate Paul Muinao. Similar situation was also reported from Karong Assembly constituency at which the election commission is likely to announced repoll in some of the polling station.
Education Minister DD Thaisii who is contesting in the constituency had complaint the election commission for massive malpractice in 18 polling stations. He had urged the ECI to conduct repoll in the said constituency. NPF candidate Dr. V Alexender Pou is the is the only candidate challenging the INC candidate.