Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fake encounter story resume after a gap of over one year

Imphal 9 February, 2011.

2009 July 23 indeed is a turning point in the history of Manipur. After a Delhi based news journal Tehelka exposed fake encounter story of a local youth in broad daylight, number of fake encounter story, life in the trouble torn state of Manipur somehow relieved from the painful cries of widows and mothers of the land. Earlier before the July 23 incident of 2009 there were not even a single day at which an alleged militant would be killed in encounter by security troop. Most the encounter story and situations were almost similar. In almost all case of encounter, the police version had said that “some armed youth were found loitering in a specified area. Then the youth fired on them and at least one of the militant would get killed in security forces retaliatory action.” However in almost such case family members would claimed the person killed to be innocent and in some of the cases the alleged militant would have been picked up from his owned home, as claimed by the family.

After almost a gap of over a year or so, encounter between combined troop of Assam rifles and Manipur Police commando started reporting in the wake of the series of bomb attacked by armed militants to the candidates of the ended 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election polling.

After the election commission announced the poll notification on January 4 this year the rebel groups operating in the region intensified their stands to ban the congress party. A press release was issued by the Corcom, a committee of the the 7 rebel groups – KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), KCP, UNLF, RPF and UPPK.

After the rebel group started attacking the congress candidate without stopping a single day security force had been alerted in all the state to counter the rebel attacked. After much bomb had been reported blasted and found unexploded, the first encounter was reported on the night of 13 January. In the encounter SFs killed a suspected militant, identified as Thongam Bungbung (37), at Heibongpokpi in Imphal West District. On the following day another two alleged militants were also gunned downed by the security force. Since then state security forces along with the central forces had killed at least 15 alleged militants in different encounter.

The latest being the one killed by combined troop of Assam Rifles and Manipur police commando at Phayeng on 6th of February. The alleged underground cadre killed by combine troop of Imphal West Commando and Assam Rifles at Phayeng on that evening has been identified as Wahengbam Jayenta age 43 from Kumbi Kangjeibung Mapal Bishenpur District. He was residing at Kwakeithel Sayang Kurao Makhong. According to wife of the deceased husband left home at around 7am on Monday morning to look after their newly constructed house at Takyel after dropping his son for tuition. She said her husband was carrying 30 thousand rupees for buying bricks and sand for their newly constructed house at Takyel. She claimed that her husband is innocent and had not linked with any anti social element. Following the killing a sit in protest was staged at Kumbi in Bisnupur district demanding punishment of those SFs involved in the killing of Jayenta.

However, except for the case of 2009, 23 July Khwairamband keithel incident there were no evidences of proving the any encounter story of the police as fake and set up story.

ISTV news had however shows video evidence of how a person was killed by SF. Please take a look. This video just attempt to reinstall the human instinct to the inhuman lesser God.

Monday, February 6, 2012

MPCC President alleges NPF and MSCP candidate of Nungba Assembly constituency to have nexus with rebel groups

Imphal, Feb,6, 2012;

MPCC President G Gaikhangam today alleged NPF candidate G Gaingam and MSCP candidate Adim Panmei to have strong nexus with the Underground outfit operating in hill district. Speaking to a group of media persons, G Gaikhangam who has contested from the Nungba Assembly constituency as INC candidate has accused NPF candidate G Gaingam to have been sponsored by the NSCN-IM and MSCP candidate Adim Panmei to have been supported by armed group Zeliangrong United Front, ZUF.

Earlier MSCP had alleged the MPCC president G Gaikhangam to have manipulated EVM in 59/9 Tupul polling station in the re-poll held on 4th of this month. Clarifying the allegation Gaikhangam said Tupul polling the area.

In a press conference today at his office G Gaikhangam said that on the repoll day, armed miscreants who were supporting his rival candidate had started pelting stone at the polling station to sabotage the polling. Due to the heavy attack the presiding officer and polling personnel had shield the EVM so as to safeguard the polling which had already taken place. According to the polling official already 600 voters had cast vote at the time out of the total 1059 voters. The situation was brought under control after a team of Assam Rifle reinforced in the polling station. As the voter dare the attack of the miscreants and continued to stand in queue to exercise their voting right the presiding officer later collected another EVM and from the nearby police station and continue the voting. Gaikhangam further said that there is no way that the EVM machine could be manipulated as it was a matter of record with the election commission. He also accused the MCSP president Mani for personally visiting the polling station on the repoll day as it was a violation of the election code of conduct.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

AMSU strictures over private school fees likely to relieve parents

Private schools’ body sort out fee payment mode for students

Imphal, Feb.4, 2012:

Parents and guardians of students going to private school finally get relieved as the All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) and the All Manipur Recommended Private School Welfare Association today reached an agreement over the school fee structures.

With the low profile standard of the government run schools, parents and guardians of the state has been depending on the private school since the last many years disregarding of their poor economic condition. However, with the sudden announcement for increase of school admission fees as well as the monthly tuition fees by some of the private schools, parents and guardians had been worried over the fate of their children. Taking the matter seriously the All Manipur Students’ Union AMSU, a major student body of the state has been approaching the private school authorities to think over the matter. As the matter remained unsolved for a couple of month the student body finally held several rounds of meeting with the All Manipur Recommended Private School Welfare Association and the two finally arrived at a situation at which both the school authorities and the parents would bear.

The matter was made known to the media persons in a press conference held today at AMSU head quarter. Both authorities of the Private school bodies and the student bodies were present in today’s press conference. The agreement reached between the private school body and the students’ body was announced by the advisor of the All Manipur Recommended Private School Welfare Association. President of the Association S Memcha Devi was also present in the press conference. Speaking to media person Memcha devi said the private school body had finally agreed to the proposal made by the student body in view of the burden that would be lifted to the parents and guardians of the students.

As according to the agreement admission fee from Pre-Nursery to Kg should not exceed rupees 1000/- and the monthly be not exceed rupees 250/-. As for the class 1 to 5 admission fee should not exceed rupees 1500/- while the monthly fee should not exceed Rs. 300/-. And for the class 6 to 10 admission fees should be not more than Rs. 2000/- and the monthly fee should also be not more than Rs. 350/-. Speaking to media person AMSU general secretary Dipaljit said any private school which failed to comply with the new strictures will be taken stringent action. Parents could compliant if any such thing happened at the mobile phone number 857121936, he added.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ukhrul remain tense even as polling ends

Imphal; February 1, 2012

Tension erupted in Chingai Assembly constituency of Ukhrul dstrict after suspected militants of NSCN-IM kidnapped 18 congress workers ahead of the poll scheduled. According to an active worker of the INC candidate M.K. Preshow, they had prepared to challenge the dictate of the NCN-IM and were even ready gheroa to an undesignated camp of the NSCN –IM cadre located at the proximity of Assam riffles camp. Earlier, the state government as well as the central government had refuted media reports about the existence of any camp being set up by the NSCN-M.

The outfit is currently in peace deal with the government of India for over decades and is reported to have field candidate of their own under the banner of Naga peoples’ Banned. The MIP of the NSCN-IM however refuted the allegation. The 18 congress workers reportedly kidnapped by the NSCN cadre were released late and night, report reaching here said. The problem arose out of the kidnapping of Congress workers was later consoled late on Tuesday night.

At another development a protest rally was held on Tuesday at Ukhrul district condemning the imprisonment of NSCN-IM’s head of foreign Affair Ninkhan Simray. Ninkhan Simray was arrested by RAW agents at Kathmandu on 9th September 2010. Ninkhan Simray is currently lodged in Tihar Jail.
The rally held at Ninkhan Simray’s birth place at his birth place at Ukhrul and was attended by the villagers of Tassar and Tusen Chanhong village. The rally started from Tassar Community hall and later converged at Govt high school. A meeting was held where villagers with protest placards took part. The meeting made a decision for unconditional release of Simray and support to Simray’s fast unto death hunger strike in Tihar jail.