Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simmering Tensions Among Mpcc Leaders Come To Notice As AICC Takes More Time In Announcing CLP Leader

CLP leader likely to be announced on Monday; source points figure to Okram Ibobi Singh

Imphal March 11, 2012;

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh who went to Delhi on March 10 return back today without bringing any concrete decision of the AICC while two of the leaders of the MPCC still remained in the capital city. MP Dr. Meinya also returned back today. The visit of the MPCC leaders could not be officially confirmed but source available with the ISTV news said all the leaders met AICC leaderships separately to apprise them while making the decision. The source further said that Okram Ibobi Singh had met AICC president Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and showed the lists of congress legislatures who had supported him along with their signatures. Okram Ibobi Singh also reportedly presented a list of legislatures who will be Ministers in his government.

With the development in these two days crisis seem to be loomed large among the AICC leadership in electing the top post.

Consensus of the newly elected Manipur state congress legislatures to hand over the job of electing its CLP leader has now failed to calm the simmering tensions among the runners for the post. The clear picture now slowly draws the attention of the political analysts as the curtain rises spontaneously with the delay of the AICC in announcing the name of the legislature in the post. Quoting reliable sources ISTV News had earlier informed that the AICC leaderships including its president Sonia Gandhi had name Okram Ibobi Singh as the CLP leader. But the return of Okram Ibobi Singh from Delhi today morning “bare hand” and continuance of political lobby by some of the legislatures at New Delhi has painted a sense of instability to the mind of AICC leaderships in choosing the next CLP leader.

Moreover, the staying of two of the congress legislatures – Gaikhangam and Erabot, in New Delhi even after the returned of Chief Minister Ibobi Singh at this crucial juncture make sense in guessing a simmering war for the top post.

CLP meeting of the MPCC on 8th of March had unanimously resolved to hand over the job of electing its leader instead of electing Okram Ibobi Singh, which had led them for two consecutive terms. The resolution taken in the presence of AICC north east in charge Luizinho Faleiro was sent to the AICC leadership on the same day. As AICC failed to make the announcement on the earliest possible time, probably opening doors to congress legislatures who want a changed in the CLP leader aspirant congress legislatures who desired to join the race for CLP leader rushed to New Delhi on the following two days.

However, another source close to the ISTV said the AICC will announce the CLP leader on Monday that is on March 12. Swearing of oath might take place on March 15. The source further point figure to Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh to be the CLP leader for the third consecutive term.

Friday, March 9, 2012

NT Theatre bags 2 awards in Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award

Imphal, March 9, 2012; NT Theatre of Manipur once more created history in modern contemporary theatre of India by bagging two awards in the 7th Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award held at New Delhi for two consecutive day. The theatre group was nominated for the award in 13 categories for its latest production “A Far Cry” directed by Deepak Ningthouja.

The playwright of the script Budha Chingtham, female leading role Nepram Dhanamanjuri, supporting male actor Ningthouja Jayvidya , costume designer T Memma and K Piyobrata, stage designer Takhellambam, Sachikumar, innovative sound designer N Tiken and the director of the play Deepak Ningthouja were nominated for the Mahindra Excellent in Theatre Award. Among them Takhellambam Sachikumar and N Tiken were awarded the Best stage Designer and best innovative Sound designer in the 7th edition of the Mahindra excellent in theater award.

The play was selected along with nine other plays from among the 260 plays screened for the festival by 5 eminent jury member of the country which included noted critic Samik Bandyopadhyay, Chairperson of the National school of Drama Amal Allana and Senior Associate editor of the Hindu, Mukund Padmanabhan. META theatre festival is one of the most prestigious theatre festivals in the country and is being organized every year in the capital city of India New Delhi. In this festival only three Manipuri plays – “Meerel Masinggha” of the Kanglei mime reparatory theater, “Mythical Surrender” of NT theatre and “A Far Cry” of the same group had so far enter the festival. Last year too in the 6th edition of META – NT Theatre’s “Mythical Surrender” was nominated for the award in 9 categories and bagged award in three categories – the best Chorography, the best innovative Sound and the best original script. With two more awards in best innovative Sound and best stage set, the theater group had proved its excellence in the field of modern Manipuri Contemporary theatre. Director Deepak Ningthouja speaking on the occasion said he took almost three month of serious rehearsal to perform for this META theatre festival.

The play was performed at Kamani Auditorium in Delhi on 6th of March this year and the award was distributed on the next day at Taj Hotel with a heart throbbing function. Noted Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi hosted the award distribution function at Taj. Speaking on the occasion Kabir Bedhi highlighted the rising trend of modern Indian theatre and its impact to the societal reformation. He also said that the plays in the festival were selected from 260 entries from across the country.

The colorful evening at Taj hotel was also attended by various renowned theatre and film personalities from across the state. The elegant and heart throbbing performances of many renowned artists from across the country also added flavor the celebration of the META theater festival on that evening.

Congress high command ready to announce CLP leader of Manipur

Swearing of oath likely on 12th or 14th of March

Imphal, March 9:The AICC high command is all set to announce the CLP leader of Manipur on Saturday. A highly placed sourced informed to ISTV that the President of the AICC Mrs. Sonia Gandhi has decided to appoint Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh as the CLP leader. The source further said that Swearing of oath will be held on either 12 March or 14th of March.

Mention may be made that the congress party had set a record in the political history of Manipur by winning in 42 seats out of 60 assembly constituencies under the leadership of Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh and MPCC President G Gaikhangam. Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh emerged as a low profile CLP leader of the congress party in Manipur in the year 2002 when most of the Congress heavy weight congress leaders failed to come up in the 8th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election. With 20 congress MLAs and support from the CPI, Okram Ibobi Singh led the then SPF government and completed the first term. Later in the next term too that is in 9 Manipur Legislative Assembly Election the Congress party managed to increase its seat to 31 but Ibobi continues the SPF government for the second consecutive term with partnership with the CPI.

The source said that the performances of the congress party in the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly by winning in 42 seats had impressed the AICC president Sonia Gandhi and also other leaders of the AICC high command. And hence the party had no other choice but to elect Okram Ibobi Singh as the CLP leader. On the question of the probable crisis that may arise in the distribution of Ministerial berth the MPCC had already resolved to follow the wisdom of the CLP leader appointed by the AICC.

Meanwhile, Y Erabot today left for New Delhi to apprise the central leadership for change of CLP leadership. A highly placed source said that Y Erabot might Lobby the leaders of the AICC to regain a cabinet post in the incoming government whoever be the leader.

In yet another development Secretary of the CPI Dr. M Nara today said that there is no question of dissolving the Peoples’ Democratic Alliance, the alliance of the non congress political party. In a press conference held today at Irabot Bhavan the CPI leader who is also the convener of the PDA said that PDA will remain as it is. Dr. M Nara defeated in the election from Wangjing Tentha Assembly Constituency. Mention may be made that the main partner of the non congress group – the CPI and MPP failed to regain in any of the seat in the 60 assembly constituencies. Nara said that the massive victory of the congress party in the just concluded election is suspicious as there were probabilities of manipulating the Electronic Voting Machines.