Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Armed Militant Prepares to Involve in Repoll in Manipur

Imphal 31st January2012:
Even though the just concluded 10th Manipur Legislative assembly was reported peaceful in almost all the assembly constituencies in Valley district, the scenario turned different in Assembly constituencies of Hill district with report of rampant disturbances by armed militants.
Record about the killing of at least six polling official including a woman voter did not end the election related violence in Hill district. Many reports of EVM being snatch away by the suspected cadres of NSCN-IM and even proxy voting by them at many polling stations in hill district were reported. Meanwhile, as election commission of India had agreed to conduct re-poll at many of such polling station, armed militants suspected to be cadres of NSCN-IM were reported to have been campaigning for the candidates. According to a highly placed source re-poll is likely to be conducted at the polling station in Tuinem, Tungou, Sondal and Champhung tora for Chngai Assembyly constituency along with other. And in this area armed militants numbering around 100 of them had been presently stationing in the area campaigning for their candidate.
Even the top leader of the outfit identified as VS Atem is reported to be presently stationing in Tuinem area. The militants reportedly entered after the security forces deployed for the election had moved from their camp. Villagers of the four areas in Chingai district alleged that the suspected NSCN-IM cadre threatened them to sign them in blank paper to insure voting to the candidate of their choice. According to source re-poll is likely to be held in 33 polling station of the state. It can be mentioned that four candidate including INC Candidate MK Preshow, NPF candidate Paul Muinao, Independent candidate Khasum Vasum and another Independent candidate NK Shimray are in the fray. The militants who had arrived after the election allegedly campaign for the NPF candidate Paul Muinao. Similar situation was also reported from Karong Assembly constituency at which the election commission is likely to announced repoll in some of the polling station.
Education Minister DD Thaisii who is contesting in the constituency had complaint the election commission for massive malpractice in 18 polling stations. He had urged the ECI to conduct repoll in the said constituency. NPF candidate Dr. V Alexender Pou is the is the only candidate challenging the INC candidate.