Thursday, July 19, 2012

Forged Letter Misleads State Cabinet; No One Punished

By Rinku Khumukcham
Imphal, July 19, 2012:
Job security of at least 80 contractual staffs of the DRDA, including three full time government employees of the state government, who had been deputed to serve as engineer in the state DRDA, are at stake following gross violation of national guidelines by the state government top machinery.

At least two engineers from PWD and LDA remained as government employees without any department after they were repatriated from their respective DRDA by orders of the respective Executive Directors in 2007 and 2008.
Irregularities to the functioning of state DRDA came to notice after state vigilance commission has recommended for cancelation of the regularization and promotion of 33 contract employees in DRDA Imphal West. The recommendation of the state vigilance commission was forwarded to the Additional Chief Secretary of the government of Manipur on June 23 of 2010. However, no action are foreseen as state government still continue to enforce the cabinet decision held on November 3 of 2010 even after knowing that the cabinet memorandum was prepared based on a forged letter from the then Union RD Minister Dr. C.P Joshi sent to the then Minister for RD and PR of Manipur Md. Allaudin Khan, which also apparently violated the guidelines of the DRDA.
As according to the directives of the forged letter the state cabinet of that time had discussed the matter as agenda number 3 and resolved for repatriation of all DRDA staffs on deputation and also to retain the contract staffs on regular basis. That decision of the cabinet had created an air of suspicion about the credibility of the letter from Dr. C.P. Joshi, the then Union Minister for RD and on further enquiry it was found that the letter was a forged one.
A letter which stated the letter as forged was sent to the then Secretary and Commissioner of RD on December 15, 2010 by the RD Ministry officials. At what could be termed as a well plan conspiracy, the matter was closed for almost two years until a state government officer directed the matter to the state government counsel June 20, 2012. In that letter sent to the state government counsel Joint Secy. Of RD and PR of the Manipur government clearly mentioned for initiation of a fresh proposal for reversion of the fresh agenda. 
 When our team further investigated the matter it has been found that the forged letter which fooled the state cabinet under the leadership of Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh in November 2010 was produced by the RD Minister of the government of Manipur MD Allaudin Khan. It could not be however confirmed where he actually retained the letter. So, far none of the person involved to the forgery has been punished. Neither any case regarding the conspiracy has been registered at any police station of the state.

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